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Sliding door cases

We manufacture and deliver high quality sliding door pockets.  This design allows hanging sliding doors to “slide into the walls” in an elegant fashion. The frame provides easy and trouble-free travel of all types of doors, including variations such as glass doors.

JAP pockets are available in two versions – for installation in brick walls and in plasterboard (drywall). The most popular model of structural frame is the simple Standard frame, which is designed for single pocket doors. A converging pocket door is also available for installation in interior spaces.

Benefits of door pockets

Benefits of pocket doors

A pocket door case provides an elegant pocket door solution. The benefits of a sliding system include an easy and quiet method of opening. Pocket door cases are wheelchair accessible, which makes them a desirable solution for example for families with children, elderly persons with reduced mobility, or the handicapped.

A clear asset of pocket doors is their ability to save space. They make it possible to utilize space, directly adjacent to doors, in smaller rooms. Pocket doors make it easy to implement atypical residential areas. A pocket door case brings you maximum comfort, extra space, and a lightweight design.

New products
Test for sliding door carriages

You will scarcely be able to judge the quality of pocket door tracks at first glance, the true quality of which will be confirmed only after several years of use. Using a specialized slide simulator, we tested how much the pocket door slides actually endure.

Larger dimension for door cases

Increased interest in doors that are higher than the classical standard Bohemia size, i.e. 197 cm, clearly demonstrates the current trend. Higher doors can be purchased today at all larger door retailers. This trend applies to both revolving doors as well as pocket doors.

Sliding door cases on stock

Builders will surely appreciate the option of immediate pick-up of sliding door cases for their site. The J.A.P. – SCHODY&SYN showroom, in Prague, na Bassově 12, Prague 9 – Vysočany, is specifically designed for this end.

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