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How does the soft stop work in sliding doors?

This subtle pocket door accessory provides smooth, full closing of sliding doors, be they wooden, French, or glass.  It mutes any knocking of door wings, and prevents impact of door edges. This technical enhancement may be used in all types of JAP door cases, in Standard and Unibox versions for single door wings, as well as Komfort and Parallel for double-wing doors.

How long does the pocket door frame last?

You will scarcely be able to judge the quality of pocket door tracks at first glance, the true quality of which will be confirmed only after several years of use. We saved you the time and using a specialized slide simulator, we tested how much the pocket door slides actually endure.

Installation of sliding pocket doors after all is associated with considerably more construction work than simply cosmetic changes in décor. Consequently, the quality of all components should be main priority. SAPELI door manufacturers tried to answer the frequently asked question: how long do the door-case tracks last? Sliding doors were subjected to constant back-and-forth testing, and the counter recorded these movements.

It was determined that the frame and tracks can withstand up to 200 000 cycles in household applications without problem (one cycle includes opening and closing of the door wing in the pocket frame). The same held true after another 300 000 cycles were tested. This load would represent 20 door opening cycles a day for nearly 60 years. The pocket door system is thus suitable for demanding applications such as hospitals, retirement homes, schools, or public offices and supermarkets. Technical development manager, Ing. Ales Ullman of SAPELI Company, Inc., which provides the special testing equipment for testing sliding door systems, summarized the test results by stating, “The aluminium alloy track and carriages fitted with hard plastic ball bearings are worn so slightly, that it is barely noticeable.” The steel frame provided excellent damage protection to the doors during testing. It can consequently be stated that if you use this opening system and integrate it into your wall, it will serve you for many years without the slightest care.

Are JAP pocket door frame universal?

JAP pocket door frames are compatible with all door manufacturers, such as e.g. SAPELI, ŠIMBERA, TOPDOORS, TOPDOORS CZ OSTRAVA, SOLODOOR, MASONITE CZ, POL-SKONE, PRÜM, or Vltavín obchodní s.r.o.

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