Oversized J.A.P. frames at base price

Increased interest in doors that are higher than the classical standard Bohemia size, i.e. higher than the classic 197 cm, clearly demonstrates the current trend. Higher doors can be purchased today at all larger door retailers. This trend applies to both revolving doors as well as pocket doors.

“J.A.P.”, the Přerov-based leading pocket door case manufacturer, which cooperates with all leading door manufacturers in the Czech Republic, is reacting to current demand of customers.

While we previously offered a higher pocket door case, the customer had to pay a surcharge associated with atypical production. The increasing number of produced units led us to adapt measures to make it possible to provide our customers with frame heights up to 210 centimetres, without any mark-up in price,” Petr Paksi, JAP CEO explains.

You can thus obtain a pocket door case for higher doors for the standard price. When ordering a pocket door case at any of our J.A.P. business network outlets, you must specify the door height, for which the frame is needed. “SAPELI doors were tested with higher J.A.P. frames and found to be fully compatible. Our business staff is trained in ordered classic and extended sliding door case sizes for SAPELI doors and can provide professional advice,” Ing. David Vitek, SAPELI domestic market manager explains, who also provides J.A.P. frames in their retail network. Ordering a higher pocket door case for sliding doors is thus very easy you need not worry.

The use of the higher pocket door version is a very modern household trend. In combines the benefit of saving space and enhances the feeling of a higher entryway provided by this solution.

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