Pocket doors always on inventory

Builders will surely appreciate the option of immediate pick-up of pocket door cases to their site. The J.A.P. – SCHODY&SYN showroom, in Prague, Na Bassově 12, Prague 9 – Vysočany, www.schodyasyn.cz., is specifically designed for this end.

The pocket door case is one of the basic building elements that should be ideally incorporated in the rough structure. Avoiding work delays associated with unnecessary waiting on materials is always important for any type of builder. J.A.P. Company wishes to avoid such situations if it possibly can. It thus ensures continuous re-stocking of inventories and that frames are always available on stock, either in the central stockroom in the Přerov manufacturing plant as well as in the retail stockroom at the Prague showroom of SCHODY&SYN. In a statement provided by the CEO of “J.A.P. Company, Ltd”, Petr Paksi, “We strive to flexibly increase production to meet current demand and to restock inventories so the customer always finds exactly what he or she is looking for.”

The pocket door-case manufacturer guarantees that the Central Stock in Přerov or the stock room in Prague Vysočany will never be empty. “Of course, this procedure in no way affects our customer orders of door cases when it comes to delivery times,” Petr Paksi explains.

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