Inserting doors in sliding door system

J.A.P. Company is the sole manufacturer in our country of pocket doors. Sliding pocket doors fit any décor and they provide an ideal solution for atypical areas, attics, or core units.

What can a pocket door frame do?

  • It provides an elegant pocket door frame solution.
  • It conserves space, because the open sliding door wing does not interfere anywhere.
  • It protects the door wing, enclosed.
  • It provides maximum ease of handling the door wing.
  • It replaces part of the header.
  • It does not require a doorsill, making it wheelchair accessible.
  • It encloses both single pocket doors and converging pocket doors of various widths and sizes.
  • It holds wooden doors, French doors, but even glass doors.

The slide system is based on the pocket door frame for sliding doors.

The following is needed for implementation:

  • J.A.P. pocket door frame (a quality frame kit is provided by the manufacturer with everything needed for proper installation).

  • Sliding doors (pocket doors frame can be either veneered or foiled, fully or partially glazed, or glass doors).

Where can a pocket door frame kit be purchased?

  • At building stores.
  • At door retailers.
  • At one of the J.A.P. nationwide network outlets.

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